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5 Tips on Maintaining Your HVAC during the Winter

Winter HVAC

As winter approaches, it is essential to make sure that your HVAC system is in excellent condition to ensure that you and your family stay warm and cozy throughout the cold months. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system during winter can prevent malfunctions and breakdowns, provide reliable performance, and ultimately save you money and energy in the long run.

1. Change the Air Filters

The air filters in your HVAC system trap dirt and dust from the air. However, over time, these filters can become clogged, reducing the airflow and making it harder for your HVAC system to work correctly. During winter, it is recommended to check and change the air filters every 30 days. This checkup ensures that your HVAC system is running smoothly, maintaining indoor air quality and heating your home efficiently.

2. Check the Thermostat Settings

Your thermostat is the controller of your HVAC system and can determine how much your system runs during the winter. You should consider the time it takes for your home to warm up and the desired temperature. If you are away from home for extended periods, you can reduce the temperature to save energy. The recommended temperature during the winter is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Clear the Air Vents

If your HVAC vents are not clear, it will make it harder to heat your house. Clear away snow, ice, and debris to allow ample airflow. You must ensure that all your air vents are free from obstructions like furniture or curtains. Restricted airflow will hinder your HVAC system from maintaining the desired temperature, meaning more energy is used, and your utility bill will skyrocket.

4. Schedule Annual Maintenance

Annual HVAC maintenance goes a long way in ensuring that your system remains in good condition during the winter. Your HVAC technician can perform tune-ups and cleanings to remove accumulated dirt and inspect your system's critical components. The inspection goes beyond just looking at the heating and cooling system. It includes maintenance of air ducts, thermostats, and electrical connections.

5. Monitor Your HVAC System

During winter, you should watch your HVAC system, listening for any unusual sounds that may indicate a problem. Be aware of changes in the temperature and when the system is struggling to heat the room. If you notice any irregularities with your HVAC system, call your technician to have them inspect the system and troubleshoot the problem.

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Maintaining your HVAC system during the winter is essential to ensure efficient heating and a comfortable living environment. Contact Pyramid Heating & Cooling today at (503) 783-8488 to schedule your HVAC check-up and ensure your home is ready for the cold winter nights. 

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